What to know about the ConnectRVA 2045 draft plan

The ConnectRVA 2045 plan includes improvements to interstate highways. | Photo courtesy formulanone

The Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization and PlanRVA are seeking public comment on a draft plan called ConnectRVA 2045. It’s a long-range transportation plan for the Richmond region, including the city + several surrounding counties. 


The RRTPO is charged with developing plans for transportation infrastructure on a continuous basis. The organization creates a 25-year plan and updates it every 5 years. This way, it can account for the needs of the community and use public funds effectively — think of it as a framework for thinking about what our transportation needs may be. The current plan has been in development since 2019.

A map of the city with highlighted lines to show transportation improvements.
The ConnectRVA 2045 website features interactive maps to explore proposed improvements. | Screenshot from ConnectRVA 2045

What’s included

The plan encapsulates all kinds of transportation in the region, from biking and pedestrian travel to cars, buses, and trains. It is guided by 5 goals

  • Safety: This includes enhancing safety of bicycle + pedestrian facilities as well as limiting vehicular accidents. 
  • Environment/Land Use: There are measures recommended to reduce the negative environmental impacts transportation systems can have.
  • Equity/Accessibility: The main focus here will be improving access through greater availability of affordable + efficient transportation choices.  
  • Economic Development: This concerns reducing peak travel times + other traffic issues, which promotes economic vitality. 
  • Mobility: The goal is to increase the amount of complete streets in good repair so the transportation system is reliable. 

Standout projects

A big part of the plan deals with maintaining the highway and street systems in the region, but other ventures are also proposed.  These include Park & Ride lots, which would expand the reach of public transit, and improving trails like the Virginia Capital Trail, the Fall Line, and the James River Park System.

Get involved

Richmonders can read + provide feedback on the plan online through Wed., Sept. 15. There’s also an in-person meeting tomorrow, Sept. 14, at 6 p.m. at the Fairfield Area Library on Laburnum Ave.