Try This: A day in the life of a Woodfin technician

Woodfin technicians get their own work vans to travel to calls | Photo by the RICtoday team

Every day is different for a Woodfin technician (we know you’ve seen their iconic big blue vans driving around Richmond). Last month, we got to try out the job while following along on a service call.

What we tried:

It’s fall, which means the chilly months are around the corner, and you don’t want to be caught without a working heater. Eric Parrish, the technician we spent the day with, told us it’s best to get your heating equipment checked + cleaned annually, especially in October.

Eric makes sure the furnace is both clean + functioning during tune-ups | Photo by the RICtoday team

We were able to watch him perform an annual tune-up for an oil furnace. Did you know not many homes in the Richmond area use this type of system anymore? Now, more modern homes have gas, propane, or electric heating units

The inside of an oil furnace | Gif by the RICtoday team

The inside of an oil furnace works almost like a small engine, with transmissions, fuses + moving parts to create flames which heat your home.  

What not to miss:

Woodfin is open 24/7, which means technicians can provide emergency services whenever you call in. For example, if your generator gives out during a strong storm, their workers can be at your home to fix it up.

What we’re still talking about: 

Woodfin technicians travel with a full van of tools to homes across the city | Photo by the RICtoday team

Eric and the other talented tradespeople at Woodfin take on all sorts of jobs. In a day, a tech can work with technology dating back as far as 1967, then pop into a home with brand-new 2021 solar-powered systems

How you can experience this:

That’s a lot of years + a lot of types of equipment to get to know. Technicians learn through the company’s in-house training program, which will soon be housed in a new facility directly next to the Woodfin offices (1823 N. Hamilton St). The program provides beginners with the tools to become a master technician through an apprenticeship, where you can shadow and learn from current employees.

Cleaning a furnace | Gif by the RICtoday team

Woodfin services include: 

Woodfin is hiring employees across all specialties, including sales + administrative roles. Woodfin’s General Manager Travis Riddle says plumbing has gotten a bad reputation for years, but it’s actually a highly skilled and well-paying career where one can advance within the company.  Employees at Woodfin do not need a 4-year college degree. They can get jobs with full benefits + raises, which come as they develop their skill sets. 

Things to know if you go: