Non-alcoholic drinks + specialty menus across Richmond, VA

A mocktail sits on the counter of a bar.
Photo via unsplash, Abhishek Hajare

We’re almost halfway through the first month of the year, which means many people have made it halfway through Dry January — the official title for those who chose to go alcohol-free to start their 2022.

Taking a break from the booze can be difficult, but can also be an opportunity to find some mocktail + non-alcoholic substitutes you may end up sipping year-round.

Tazza Kitchen's mocktail, orange and sparkly.
The Chance mocktail is garnished with a star anise. | Photo via @tazzakitchen

Breweries & Bars 

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery’s drink menu also includes Virginia-brewed Blue Ridge Bucha and Snowing in Space Coffee outside its beer list. 

Cirrus Vodka offers club soda and Q Ginger Beer on its menu of locally distilled vodka + cocktails.

Three Notch’d Brewing Company was recently featured in the Washington Post for its development of a Non-Alcoholic IPA. Pro tip: IPA stands for India Pale Ale, which comes in 10 varieties.


Perch has the usual non-alcoholic options of water, juices, soda and lemonade, but also has a Tropical Ginger Beer with 7 spice, lemon and lime. It also sells a mocktail called Season’s Past, which has honey, pineapple and lime.

Tazza Kitchen has a specialty mocktail called Chance with hints of gingerbread, coconut, lemon-lime + sparkling water.

The Daily Kitchen & Bar has a whole mocktail menu with fruity + refreshing flavors like Strawberry Limeade

Grisette’s bartending crew can make mock versions of all its cocktails, according to some Richmond Redditors.

A row of non-alcoholic beers from Three Notch'd Brewery.
Three Notch’d introduced the Non-Alcoholic IPA in early 2021. | Photo via @threenotchdrva

Try this

Rocket Fizz sells sweet, savory + downright weird sodas to take home. Are you brave enough to try Ranch soda?

The Pit and The Peel (all four locations) has a smoothie and acai bowl menu, along with a soda fountain featuring seasonal cane sugar flavors.


We know these locales wouldn’t be successful without their crew. Do you have a favorite bartender known for marvelous mocktails + cocktails?

Share your story, and we may give them a special shoutout for their work in tingling taste buds.