Asked: Tallest buildings in Richmond, VA

The Richmond skyline. | Photo by Christopher W. Clarke

We love to survey the Richmond skyline, and a question from Reader Dave H. got us thinking: what are the tallest buildings in the city? 

Here are the top six, plus one addition that’s coming soon. 

James Monroe Building, 101 N. 14th St. | 449 feet | 29 floors

The state-owned building has been the tallest in Richmond since construction was completed in 1981 — it was even the tallest in VA until 2007. Now, it’s set to be demolished. The General Assembly has allocated funds to build a new office for state employees. 

600 Canal Place | 417 feet | 20 floors

Dominion Energy’s recognizable glass + steel tower opened in 2019. The developers emphasized the sustainability strategies implemented in the project’s design, including a rainwater utilization system. Plus, it has a Dunkin on the ground floor, which is a redeeming quality in any building.   

Truist Place, 919 E. Main St. | 400 feet | 26 floors

Formerly known as the SunTrust Center, the office building was completed in 1983. At over $50 million (~$140 million today) it was a rather costly addition to the skyline. The tower is clad in granite

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, 701 E. Byrd St. | 393 feet | 26 floors 

Built in 1978, it’s one of 12 Federal Reserve Banks in the US. Fun fact: 49% of the building’s total floor area is actually located underground

Bank of America Center, 1111 E. Main St. | 333 feet | 26 floors 

The concrete giant was completed in 1974 + kicked off a downtown building boom. It was the tallest building in the city until 1978.  

Richmond City Hall | 315 feet | 19 floors

City Hall was also once the tallest building in VA — back when it was completed in 1971. If you want to get a look over  the whole city, head to the Observation Deck on the 18th floor. It’s free + open to the public from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. 

Sneak peek: there will soon be a new tallest building in town when CoStar Group begins construction on their office complex. The commercial real estate firm plans to build a 425 foot building with 26 stories next to its office at 501 S. 5th St.