Unwritten rules of Richmond, VA

A postcard showing the Nickel Bridge.
Sorry old-timey postcard, it's called the Nickel Bridge. | Photo via VCU Libraries Digital Collections

If you live and die by Ukrop’s rainbow cookies, you know there are River City traditions non-Richmonders just don’t understand. Seriously — one Reddit user called them the Lil’ Sebastian of Richmond.

For those lucky enough to be from the 804, here are a few unwritten rules you may know to be true, shared by readers and on Instagram + Reddit. If you’re a transplant, you might want to save this newsletter for future reference.  

“Tattoos are almost mandatory.” – @amberkconnor

We’re fantasizing about future ink now. 

“If it’s a local shop, it’s closed on Monday.” – @trent_snaps 

“When you trip on a brick or cracked sidewalk, play it off like nothing happened.” – @kob59

We’ve all been there. 

“If you live here, you’ve had a PBR + shot combo.” – @miss_elaine_neous

“You can stop anywhere in the road if your hazard lights are on.” – @Candid-Ear-4840

We cannot endorse that one … but we can attest that Richmonders believe it to be true.

“You must give directions by saying where things used to be.” – @RVAblues

“Scoring Jefferson holiday brunch reservations is like winning the lottery. You have to call a year in advance on a specific day and even then they are likely all booked up.” – @magdalenwilhelm 

The struggle is real. 

“You are pretty sure you know the best driving route from point A to point B … however, just to make sure, you constantly ask others and brag about your own routes to and from. It’s a Richmond thing.” – Paula H. 

“The walk to Belle Isle is always longer than you think it will be.” – @lindsey_schwartzkopf

And finally … 

“[You] must know all the words to the Agee’s song.” – @WhiskeeHound

They bring out the best in you. 🚲

Toss us any more unwritten rules to help out Richmond rookies.