Richmond approves reconstruction of illegally demolished buildings

After two historic Church Hill storefronts were torn down in August, the city has now approved the development to continue


The two storefronts demolished were among Church Hill’s many historic buildings.

Photo by RICtoday

After two historic storefronts in Church Hill were illegally torn down, the Commission of Architectural Review has now approved their reconstruction.

The facades at 3304 and 3306 E. Marshall St. were 100+ years old when they came down. While the city had approved C&M Properties’ plans for a mixed-use development in the space in 2021, it did so under the condition that the historic structures would be protected. The buildings, however, were demolished in August.

C&M Properties was fined $200. The commission, community members, and groups including Historic Richmond were upset by the illegal bulldozing. On Thursday, Oct. 26, however, CAR grudgingly agreed to allow construction to continue.

Board members expressed concern for the precedent being set, but agreed it was better for the work to go on than to leave the door open for other developments potentially even more disruptive to the community.