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We’ve broken down the cost of living in Richmond, VA, comparing it to other states and the US national average.
Buz and Chloe Pemberton have outfitted their Glen Allen home, the Saguaro Hill estate, as a Southwestern oasis for 40+ years.
Tree planting, pruning invasive plants, and local park tours are just a few ways Richmonders can get involved with a week of Arbor Day honors
The shopping center is set for a long-term mixed-use redevelopment that could take place over 20 years.
Envision Hanover sets housing and workforce goals for next two decades
The first phase of the project, which includes apartments and retail, is scheduled for completion in 2025
Bag leaf pickup begins October 2
The city grouped three proposed zoning changes together in August 2022 — here’s what has changed since then and what it means for Richmonders
Here’s where all the cross gables, half-timbering, prominent chimneys, and patterned brickwork come from
City Council is expected to vote on changes to the ordinance at the end of the month
Fall is nearly here, which means it’s time to prep your home to withstand winter weather with these must-do repairs + seasonal maintenance tips.
Check out the plan for the historic neighborhood and provide your comments before August 27.
New system designed to provide advance warning to motorists of flooded roadways
Follow these tips to keep cool this summer.
The football team won’t be returning to the River City, leaving a large facility near Scott’s Addition.
Buckle up, because we took the iconic blue van to homes around Richmond and checked out everything from common electrical issues to a full generator installation.
We met with Woodfin to get an inside peek at what indoor air quality (IAQ) experts see in Richmond homes.
In honor of the spring season, we’re clearing the air and sorting out what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to home maintenance.
The county began demolition of the Spring Rock Green shopping center to transform it into a retail destination
Food, drinks, music, crafts, vendors, and bonnet festivities return to the streets of Richmond this year
Put a smile on your neighbor’s face with these random acts of kindness.
Share your thoughts as a resident of stakeholder through commenting on an interactive map or hosting a meeting-in-a-box.
The local experts at Woodfin - Your Home Team offer advice on how to avoid a home emergency this holiday season.
Good news for Richmond.
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