Go bananas for these 30+ foodie brands


Just one of these local, specialty foods on your table will impress your dinner guests. | Graphic by RICtoday

We polled City Editors across our parent company, 6AM City, about foodie brands they love. The result? A list of mouthwatering food products ranging from SC Lowcountry’s favorite biscuits to a line of vegan dipping sauces that hail from San Diego.

Bag Ladies Tea (Boston, MA) | Tea products that aim to bring others joy through delicious blends and humorous packaging. | We love: No Other Like a Mother (Black Tea) Tin

Best Maid Pickles (Fort Worth, TX) | From dill pickles to sweet pickles to pickle juice by the gallon, Texans swear by this pickle brand. | We love: Xtreme Hot Pickle Bitez

Bitchin’ Sauce (San Diego, CA) | A line of creamy, almond-based dips that pair well with all of your favorite savory foods. | We love: Chipotle Bitchin’ Sauce

Blanton’s Bourbon (Lexington, KY) | Award-winning bourbon and libation mixers with a history that dates back to 1984 | We love: Blanton’s Two Year Old Barreled Aged Syrup and the Single Barrel Bourbon.

Bourbon Barrel Foods (Louisville, KY) | Small batch products that are made using bourbon barrels to achieve unique flavors. | We love: Bundle of 3 Sauces - Bluegrass Soy Sauce, Aged Worcestershire Sauce and Kentuckyaki

Bolner’s Fiesta Brand (San Antonio, TX) | High quality spices and blends that emphasize Hispanic culture and Southwest cooking. | We love: Fajita Seasoning

Buchi Kombucha (Asheville, NC) | Small-batch, organic kombucha made in the mountains of Southern Appalachia. | We love: the Water kombucha featuring flavors of blueberry, coconut, and elderberry.

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit (Charleston, SC) | Serve southern-style, pre-made biscuits at home with this nationally recognized brand (plus get jams, jellies, and biscuit mixes). | We love: Hot Little Combo Pack

The Celtic Tea Shop (San Jose, CA) | Handmade candies, cookies, and other baked goods with a nod to traditional Irish flavors. | We love: Scottish Shortbread

Dave’s Killer Bread (Portland, OR) | Breads, bagels, english muffins, and hamburger buns packed with whole grains and organic ingredients. | We love: Raisin’ the Roof cinnamon raisin bread

Dot’s Pretzels (Velva, ND) | A popular Midwest snack that has recently made its way across the country due to rising popularity on social media. | We love: Original seasoned pretzels

Goo Goo Cluster (Nashville, TN) | Coined “Nashville’s official candy” + offered in many different flavors and sizes. | We love: Lil’ Goos snack-sized clusters

Hoff & Pepper (Chattanooga, TN) | Smatch batch hot sauces that are made with peppers from a generational family farm. | We love: Hoff’s Smoken Ghost Hot Sauce

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams (Columbus, OH) | An ice cream brand that prioritizes performance, accountability, and transparency to deliver a diverse flavor selection. | We love: Brambleberry Crisp

Kanelli Bakery Co. (Orlando, FL) | Authentic Greek baked goods crafted using century-old Cretan recipes. | We love: Greek Assortment Tray with baklava, koulourakia, kourabiedes, and olive oil sesame cookies.

Larry’s Coffee (Raleigh, NC) | Sustainably roasted coffee beans from co-op farms around the world. | We love: Cowboy Blend

Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. (Louisville, KY) | Small-batch jerky produced with non-GMO and vegan ingredients. | We love: Maple Bacon Jerky

Marshmallow Fluff (Somerville, MA) | Throw it back to lunchbox fluffernutter sandwich days with the original marshmallow product. | We love: the original Marshmallow Fluff, plus the strawberry flavor if you’re feeling adventurous.

Methodical Coffee (Greenville, SC) | Enhance your morning routine with coffee beans and teas that are rich in global flavors | We love: The Play Nice blend with notes of chocolate, brown sugar, and berries.

Mike’s Hot Honey (Brooklyn, NY) | Chili-infused honey products that became popular when founder Mike Kurtz began drizzling the condiment on the pizzas at a Brooklyn pizzeria. | We love: the original Mike’s Hot Honey

Minglewood Bake Shop (Richmond, VA) | Vegan baked goods ranging from scones, poptarts, cupcakes, cookies, and brownies that are made fresh daily. | We love: Cosmic Brownie

Pluto Bakery (Sacramento, CA) | Handmade cakes, pastries, and other sweet treats with vegan, gluten-free, egg-free, and nut-free options. | We love: Vegan Red Velvet Cake

Q39 (Kansas City, MO) | Give your weekend barbecue an upgrade with this award-winning brand’s line of sauces, rubs, and spices. | We love: Brisket Rub

Seattle Elderberry (Seattle, WA) | Immunity-supporting products with organic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. | We love: Elderberry Syrup with Honey

Siete Foods (Austin, TX) | Grain free Mexican American products like almond flour tortillas, dairy free queso, and vegan charro beans. | We love: Grain Free Lime Tortilla Chips

Spicewalla (Asheville, NC) | This company uses small-batch shipping to create fresher, more potent spice blends. | We love: The Essential Spices and Seasonings 10 Pack

St. Elmo’s Steak House (Indianapolis, IN) | The oldest steakhouse in Indy sells its revered sauces + seasonings nationwide. | We love: The “World Famous” Shrimp Cocktail Sauce

Sunny Culture (St. Petersburg, FL) | Probiotic water kefir drinks and wellness shots that support gut health | We love: Kefir Water Hibiscus Probiotic

Thunderbird Real Food Bars (Austin, TX) | Whole food bars made with micronutrient-rich ingredients like almonds, walnuts, and hemp seeds.| We love: Hazelnut Coffee Maca bars

Uppercrust Brownies (Columbia, SC) | A delectable line of rich, fudgy brownies with popular flavors ranging from raspberry cheesecake to peanut butter bacon. | We love: Sea Salt Caramel Brownies

Yumbutter (Madison, WI) | Nut butters with ethically sourced ingredients that support families and children in need through the company’s Buy One, Help Nourish initiative. | We love: Superfood Cashew Butter Squeeze Pouches

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