Haunted tours + ghost hunters in Richmond, VA

If you’re a believer in the unusual, the weird, or whatever goes bump in the night — these crews have investigated it.

The Hanover Tavern in Richmond, VA at night

Legend has it that there are many spirits roaming the halls of Hanover Tavern.

Photo via @transcendparanormal

Richmond Times Dispatch reported last week that local paranormal investigators Transcend Paranormal have explored the supposedly haunted halls of Hanover Tavern, which has been in active use since 1791. Nowadays, it’s one of Virginia Rep’s theaters + a southern soul food restaurant inside.

If you’re looking for some River City ghostbusters, here’s a few others you can call up for an adventure or investigation.

Richmond Ghosts | Get uncensored historical stories of the River City from ghostly tour guides — ranging from the colonial era up to the Southside Strangler in the 1980s.

Haunts of Richmond | Its new “Creepy Tales on Campus” tour features what (and who) haunts the streets where VCU now stands.

Seven Paranormal | For those who may need a personal paranormal investigation, they take appointments every day but Sunday.

We may have missed some of your best ghouls, so let us know who can take us to Richmond’s Twilight Zone.

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