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Richmond International Airport turns 95

The airport was officially officially dedicated on Oct. 15, 1927, initially named after Virginia aviator Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd.

Historical Photo of Richmond International Airport

This postcard depicting the Richard E. Byrd Airport is from around 1950.

Photo via VCU Digital Archives

Richmond International Airport is celebrating 95 years of flight tomorrow. The land was dedicated on Oct. 15, 1927, then named after Virginian aviator Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd. The current street address still bears his rather flight-relevant name. RIC began with just one hangar, a shop + two runways.

The history of the Sandston property goes back all the way to the Civil War. You can still see the earthworks and weapons that once bordered the battlefield at the site of one of the first instances of aerial warfare in America. Both Union and Confederate forces used tethered balloons for recon, ammunition, and secret attacks.

RIC is actually considered a joint civil-military airport today, which means it’s owned by the Department of Defense + both civilian and military flights can use the air space.

Unfortunately, noTop Gun" sequels are being filmed therebut an editor can dream. ✈️

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