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Quiz: Does autumn in Richmond make you itchy, sneezy, hivey, or all of the above?

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An allergy testing kit sitting on a picnic blanket in the grass.

Picnic ships plans directly to your door, on your schedule — and RICtoday readers get 20% off.

Photo provided by Picnic

At RICtoday, we love everything about fall — except the inevitable allergy spike. (No, it’s not just you — allergies are much worse these days.) But — news flash — you don’t have to suffer (read: sneeze) in silence. 🤧

This at-home allergy test can pinpoint your exact allergy triggers from 294 common irritants. You’ll also receive advice from a doctor on managing symptoms, or even a customized treatment plan of over-the-counter and prescription solutions so you can live your best Richmond life unbothered.*


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