Richmond restaurants receive major grant money

Five Black-owned restaurants in the Richmond area received grants of up to $25,000

An image of a flight from Ruby Scoops Ice Cream. Six mini scoops of ice cream rest in a pink egg carton.

Ruby Scoops is one of five local grant recipients.

Photo by RICtoday

Five restaurants from the Richmond area will receive grants of up to $25,000 from Heinz, The LEE Initiative, and Southern Restaurants for Racial Justice.

All-natural restaurant Elegant Cuizines, bakery The Sweetest Thing, ice cream shop Ruby Scoops, Buna Kurs Ethiopian Cafe, and Charlotte’s Southern Deli were among 62 businesses to receive grants nationwide.

The grants aim to help Black restaurateurs overcome financial hurdles. A Goldman-Sachs report from earlier this year found that 37% of Black small business owners faced issues accessing new capital and financing — a figure 14% higher than their peers.

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