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Richmond SPCA waiving adoption fees for long-term residents

For the month of May, all pets who’ve been at the SPCA for 90 days or more will come without an adoption fee

A dog upside down on a couch.

Willie has been in the Richmond SPCA’s care for years, but has a blast whenever he’s staying in a foster home.

Photo via Richmond SPCA

The Richmond SPCA is celebrating grad season by waiving adoption fees on all their long-term residents, with a special focus on “graduating” several canine super-seniors to their forever homes.

Five dogs — Goldie, Nugget, Elliot, Willie and Ricky Bobby (aka Richard Robert) — have been in the SPCA’s care for more than a year now.

Some of these dogs have special needs for their future owners, but all are extremely affectionate with humans they trust.

Willie, for example, has been with the humane society for more than two years. SPCA Director of Communications Tabitha Treloar said he’s “easily overwhelmed by city life,” but that he has thrived in every foster home he’s stayed with. He comes out of his shell when he leaves the shelter and “begins to trust so quickly.”


Goldie needs to live in an adults-only house, but she loves rides in the car a perfect travel buddy.

Photo via Richmond SPCA

Another dog, Goldie, was adopted but returned — it turns out she’s not great with kids. In an adults-only house, however, Treloar said she makes an amazing companion. She may be just seven years old, but she’s already “the chillest creature on Earth.”

For any dogs with special behavioral considerations, the SPCA has a team of trainers to help the pets transition into their new homes. It also offers a series of publicly-available training courses.

Adopting one of these dogs also comes with a complimentary week of Goodpup, an online dog training service, and a discount should you choose to sign up after the free trial.

A dog grins into the Camera

Elliot takes a while to get comfortable with new people, but loves humans once he knows he can trust them.

Photo via Richmond SPCA

The Richmond SPCA is a no-kill shelter, but they have only so much space. Long-term tennants like Willy, Goldie, and Ricky Bobby can make it harder for the SPCA to take in new pets.

If you’ve been on the fence about adding a dog to your family, Treloar said, then now is the time. “You’ll also be saving the next one.”

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