City of Richmond aims to beautify utility boxes

Pilot program brings art to ten Broad Street boxes

RIC utility box

Richmond Deputy Director of Operations Torrence Robinson, graphic designer Terrell Mack, and Mayor Levar Stoney stand around the first beautified box.

Photo via City of Richmond

On Thursday, Feb. 29, the city launched a new pilot program focused on beautifying utility boxes around the city. The first of these boxes sits at the corner of Broad and 9th Street and is styled to look like a postcard for the city.

Also known as traffic signal cabinets, utility boxes are the site of street art in cities around the world. The designs for the next nine boxes will center around historically significant people, iconic structures, and local culture. Each box will specifically address the area it sits in along Broad Street. Plans are already in effect, and designs are in the works from the city’s graphic design team.

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