Department of Historic Resources to protect Little Malvern Hill property

The site of four Civil War battles will be preserved and protected from future developments with the help of the Capital Region Land Conservancy

trees and wetlands on a sunny day

Little Malvern Hill has a wealth of natural beauty as well as historical significance.

Photo via Virginia DHR

A 41-acre tract of land in Henrico that saw four separate Civil War battles has now come under control of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

DHR has executed a perpetual historic preservation easement over the land known as Little Malvern Hill. Sitting at 5270 New Market Rd., the land was part of a larger property called Malvern Hill Farm until roughly 1877.

Four battles were fought on this land over the course of the Civil War — the Battles of Glendale (1862), Malvern Hill (1862), and both Battles of Deep Bottom (1864). The first and second Battles of Deep Bottom were especially historically significant for the contributions made by the United States Colored Troops.

Under DHR, both the area’s natural resources and its historic features will be preserved. Little Malvern Hill joins over 45,000 acres of land under easement by the department.

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