What’s the best mocktail in the River City?

We’re in search of the best non-alcoholic beverage in town

Shelves inside a bottle shop.

Point5 in Carytown specializes in NA spirits.

Photo by RICtoday

The rise of non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirits is great news for anybody undertaking Dry January, or who just prefers a non-boozy beverage. Richmond has a plethora of offerings, but we want your take — where are the best non-alcoholic options in Richmond?

A mocktail is any cocktail that contains no alcohol, whether or not it seeks to imitate a classic alcoholic drink. We’re looking for mixed drinks, unboozy bottles, and local NA brews.

Whether your favorite can be found in a restaurant, a bar, or anywhere else around town, let us know what you’d recommend.

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