Join the 2022 Conservation Games in Richmond, VA

Register for one of three teams, all working to donate to land conservation, volunteer at community events + clock in hours to learn about protecting our world around us.

The Richmond skyline can be seen from the T. Pott Bridge.

Are you team Fields, Forests, or Streams?

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Love the outdoors + good competition? The Capital Region Land Conservancy is kicking off this year’s “Conservation Games” in two weeks.

From Fri., Sept. 30-Sun., Oct. 16, registered members of three teams Fields, Forests, and Streams — will try and top each other in three different categories: volunteer hours, learning hours + donations raised for park conservation.

The winners will be announced (and awarded a cool t-shirt) on the last day of the games.

Here’s a look at what each team’s main focus will be.

🍃 Team Fields | Conserving the region’s open lands, including farms, parks, historic sites, battlefields, trails, and gardens.

🌲 Team Forests | Supporting woodland habitats that provide a home for local plants and animals.

🌊 Team Streams | Protecting and cleaning waterways, including aquifers, wetlands, rivers + all the Chesapeake Bay’s wildlife

Last year’s numbers

  • 260 participants
  • 2000+ trees and shrubs planted, including a wildflower reseeding effort.
  • 370+ acres from Meadow Hill Park transferred to National Park Service
  • $30,000 raised for park conservation

CRLC leaders say last year’s efforts equaled ~90 football fields of protected wildlife, where Richmonders can soon explore. Got your game face on? Register now.

The CRLC has been a part of several major projects this year, including the development of the new Huguenot Flatwater Universal Access Launch, the expansion of Bottom Church Battlefield + controlling invasive plant species using local goats.

Curious about conservation? The CRLC website has multiple volunteer opportunities available all year.

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