RPS Lit Limo delivers free books to Richmond kids

An image of five children with free books from the Lit Limo, which they are standing in front of.

Kids ages 0-18 can get free books from the RPS Lit Limo | Photo courtesy Judy Deichman

Sleek, classy, mobile … and filled with free books. The RPS Lit Limo is coming to a neighborhood near you, distributing books to kids of all ages.

Judy Deichman, an Instructional Specialist in Library Media Services for RPS, coordinates the Lit Limo, which makes deliveries Mon.-Thurs. all over the city. It was launched as part of the Literacy Plan for RPS in an effort to increase students’ access to books at home + had its first run in July 2020.

“It is so exciting to see the eyes of children when they come on the Lit Limo and realize they can pick any book on the bus,” Judy said. “Our focus is to create and foster a love of reading and student choice is key.”

Each visit to the Lit Limo includes:

📚 A free book of their own for kids age 0-18

📚 The opportunity to participate in a read aloud

📚 A convenient way to sign up for a Richmond Public Library card

📚 Literacy Tip sheets for interested guardians

With hundreds of books in English + Spanish, the Lit Limo has plenty of options for children and teens. By allowing visitors to choose whatever book they want, the Lit Limo lets kids pursue the stories that interest them + cultivate a love of reading. Last school year, over 12,000 students were able to enjoy the Lit Limo.

The community engagement doesn’t end there. Need to clear up some room on your bookshelf? The Lit Limo accepts donations of new and gently used books for all ages + they especially appreciate books that reflect the diversity of the student population. You can donate books to the Lit Limo by emailing Judy.

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