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Youth soccer showcase coming to Chesterfield in 2024

Chesterfield is calling Copa Talento “American Idol” for youth soccer players


Copa Talento goes hand in hand with the sports tourism investment in the Richmond region.

Photo via Chesterfield County

Chesterfield’s River City Sportsplex will host a youth soccer clinic and showcase tournament called Copa Talento in July 2024.

Founders Darwin and Anthony Murrillo founded Copa Talento to increase access to higher level soccer opportunities for youth in underserved communities — particularly Latino communities.

The event will include a three-day clinic for individual players followed by a showcase tournament. In 2023, 111 teams participated.

Last year, scouts from national teams in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala selected players to start training at various developmental levels.

The announcement is part of an upward trend of Richmond-area sports tourism. Henrico plans to open its Sports & Events Center next month; Chesterfield has more than 125 sports tourism events planned for fiscal year 2024.

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