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Try This: Get your glow on with Synergy Face + Body

We tried the DiamondGlow treatment at Synergy’s new Midlothian location

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The team can answer any of your med spa questions.

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City Editor Robin here, noticeably glowing after a trip to Synergy Face + Body. I went to the new med spa location to check out the DiamondGlow treatment on a Tuesday afternoon. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

What we tried:

As a novice when it comes to skincare, I asked Master Aesthetician Amia Voorhees a ton of questions at my consultation — and she was ready to answer all of them.

Amia took me through the steps in the process, which included calculating my TruSkin Age, doing a manual cleanse, and choosing a hyaluronic acid serum infusion for drier skin. She also gave me a preview of what the microdermabrasion diamond tip wand would feel like on my skin.

The medical-grade treatment turned out to be a breeze. I left Synergy feeling the glow — and immediately snapped a selfie for the group chat.


Synergy Face + Body recently expanded to Midlothian.

Photo by RICtoday

What not to miss:

The DiamondGlow treatment is a relatively new innovation. It combines its three steps — exfoliation, extraction, and infusion — into one seamless process. While Amia made the first pass on my skin, she let me know that it was also flushing out toxins below the surface of the skin.

Whether you have drier skin or are looking to smooth lines and wrinkles, there are a number of serum options for the DiamondGlow treatment.


The consultation included an up-close look at my skin, with the help of a powerful camera.

Photo by RICtoday

What we’re still talking about:

That glow is no joke. My skin also felt hydrated and refreshed and I got some great everyday tips from Amia. Did you know? It’s best to apply eye cream with your ring finger to ensure even pressure.



Photo by RICtoday

How you can experience this:

Book your appointment now. Plus, there’s no need to stress about scheduling — I was in and out in around an hour. Bonus: RICtoday readers get $100 OFF their first treatment. Just mention RICtoday or 6AM City when booking.

Once you go, you might get hooked — but don’t worry, you can get the treatment as frequently as every two weeks.


Exfoliating, extracting, and infusing — all in one.

Photo by RICtoday

Things to know if you go:

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