Asked: What do you want to see as part of the Richmond Compost Initiative?

RICtoday 6AM City chimborazo community garden

Chimborazo Community Garden is one of several community gardens in the city. | Photo via Richmond Grows Gardens webpage

The City of Richmond recently received a grant from the US Department of Agriculture to fund a project called the Richmond Compost Initiative.

The grant is part of a national program which forms Urban Agriculture Cooperative Agreements to help local governments implement compost + food waste reduction plans.

So far, the details for how the funds will be allocated are not set in stone. According to the project description, the city will establish a network of food scrap drop-off stations where the public can contribute.

The compost will then be used by community gardens, in green initiatives around the city, and for landscaping projects in parks. The city will collect compost from the sites on a weekly basis.

Here’s what we want to know. We haven’t seen any maps for proposed drop-off sites, but we know they’re set to be in collaboration with community gardens, libraries, businesses, and community organizations.

What do you want to know about the project? Do you have any dreams for the Richmond Compost Initiative?

If you’re looking to get a head start, there are several organizations that offer composting in the city. At Birdhouse Farmers Market, drop off your scraps for free at any time — not just during market hours. Richmonders can also sign up for paid services like Earth Option Composting + Enrich Compost.

We’ll keep RIC readers com-posted on the initiative. In the meantime, let us know your future food waste wishes.

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