City to start Broad Street repaving project April 11

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Repaving will start April 11. | Photo by RICtoday

Broad Street is getting repaved.

If you’re like us, a record scratch just played in your head. But no worries — we have details on the work schedule + anticipated timeline.

According to the Fiscal Year 2022 Paving Plan, the Dept. of Public Works will be repaving Broad from I-95 in the east to the city limits (around Staples Mill Road) in the west. The project has an estimated cost of ~$3.5 million.

The project is listed as Type A, which means the city will be milling around two inches of existing asphalt + placing a new surface. This is an alternative to completely removing and replacing the road.

Paving will happen in phases starting Mon., April 11. Construction will be 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will only stop for rain or mechanical issues. DPW wants to be done by Tues., June 21.

GRTC says each phase will begin with paving westbound lanes, then go back for eastbound lanes.

04-11-2022 Broad Street Repaving Phases

Crews will move in phases down Broad Street. | Photo courtesy GRTC Transit System

Here’s the anticipated schedule for Broad Street closures:

Phase 1

  • Westbound | 3rd Street to Belvidere Street | April 11-14
  • Eastbound | Belvidere to 3rd | April 14-20

Phase 2

  • Westbound | Belvidere Street to Meadow Street | April 20-29
  • Eastbound | Meadow to Belvidere | April 29-May 6

Phase 3

  • Westbound | Meadow Street to Arthur Ashe Boulevard | May 6-12
  • Eastbound | Arthur Ashe to Meadow | May 12-18

Phase 4

  • Westbound | Arthur Ashe Boulevard to Hamilton Street | May 18-25
  • Eastbound | Hamilton to Arthur Ashe | May 25-June 1

Phase 5

  • Westbound | Hamilton Street to Staples Mill Road | June 1-10
  • Eastbound | Staples Mill to Hamilton | June 10-21

Bonus: GRTC says 30 days after each phase, the Pulse Bus Only lanes will be painted red between Thompson and Foushee Streets.

We’ll be sure to keep readers updated when we have more information. For detour details from GRTC, head to this page.


A map of the full project, scheduled for completion in fall 2023. | Map courtesy Dept. of Public Works

The project will include streetscaping + traffic signal improvements. Check out this website for up-to-date information from the Dept. of Public Works.🚗

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