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Your guide to sports teams in Richmond

From the Squirrels to the Kickers, we’re sharing all the details on sports teams in the River City, including basketball, baseball, roller derby, and more — so you can cheer on Richmond.

A batter wears the bright green Ardillas Voladoras uniform for Copa de la Diversion

The Squirrels become the Ardillas Voladoras at select games.

Photo courtesy of the Flying Squirrels

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Whether you’re a sports fanatic — or just look good in VCU black and gold — when it comes to sports, Richmond has a number of teams to support. What we lack in major league teams, we make up for in spirit — our city is home to some of the most loyal fans in the country. The Squirrels even had the highest attendance across all 30 Double-A teams last year.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Richmond sports, whether you’re already a devoted fan or you’re new to the area.

⚾️ Richmond Flying Squirrels (MiLB) | Est. 2010

The Squirrels came to Richmond over a decade ago, bringing baseball back to the River City following the Braves’ departure in 2008. Since then, the Eastern League team has become known for its healthy attendance, promotional giveaways, fireworks, and — more recently — culinary innovations.

Where they play: The Diamond

  • Built in 1985 as a new home for the Braves
  • Seating capacity of 9,560 for Squirrels games
  • Will be replaced as part of the first phase of the Diamond District development

Mascot: Nutzy and Nutasha

  • Two young, enthusiastic squirrels sporting red and pink capes, respectively
  • Nutzy is often found at community events around the city, whether he’s rappelling down a building or Sham-rocking the Block.
  • Nutasha was introduced in 2016; her name was chosen by fan vote.

Team colors: Red, black, gray, white

  • Do not share the colors of their affiliate team, the San Francisco Giants — orange, black, beige, and gold
  • As their Copa de la Diversión alter ego the Ardillas Voladoras, the team wears blue and green
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Major accomplishments:

  • The 2022 Squirrels won the 2022 Eastern League Southwest Division First-Half Championship.
  • Sean Roby hit 25 home runs in the 2022 season, setting a team record.
  • Opening night at The Diamond has been a sell-out crowd for 13 seasons running.

See the team’s schedule.

⚽️ Richmond Kickers (USL League One) | Est. 1993


The Kickers are cheered on by the Red Army.

The longest continuously-running professional soccer club in the country, the Kickers have been the pride of the River City for three decades. In that time they’ve hopped from league to league, landing in USL League One in 2019.

Where they play: City Stadium

  • Opened in 1929, Kickers began playing there in 1995
  • Seating capacity of 6,000
  • Recently renovated to include sky decks, group boxes, and a party patio

Mascot: Kickeroo

  • A fuzzy kangaroo sporting a soccer jersey and plenty of sass
  • Likes: throwing mini soccer balls into the stands, staying cool, encouraging the Red Army

Team colors: Red and white

  • Changed their colors from green and blue in 2001
  • Redesigned logo for 20th anniversary
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Major accomplishments:

  • Won the regular season title in 2006, 2007, 2013, and 2022
  • Won the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup in 1995

See the team’s schedule.

🏀 VCU Basketball (NCAA)

VCU: MBB v Duke

The Peppas light up the Siegel Center.

Photo via VCU Athletics

Virginia Commonwealth University has had a men’s basketball team since 1968 and a women’s basketball team since 1974. Cheered on by the rowdy student section and enthusiastic Peppas pep band, the Rams are a formidable organization in the Atlantic 10 conference.

Where they play: Siegel Center

  • Nicknamed “The Stu”
  • Capacity of 7,637

Mascot: Rodney the Ram

  • The Ram suit has changed over the years, but the passion for hoops hasn’t.
  • Has been known to socialize with Nutzy and Nutasha

Team colors: Black and gold

  • Typically they wear white jerseys at home games and black jerseys on the road
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Major accomplishments:

  • MBB made the Final Four of the NCAA tournament in 2011
  • MBB won conference tournament in 2023, 2015, 2012, 2008, 2007, 2004
  • WBB won conference tournament in 2021

See the men’s and women’s schedules.

🏀 UR Basketball (NCAA)

The University of Richmond has had a men’s basketball team since 1913 and a women’s basketball team since 1919. In the 1980s, the men’s team became known as a “giant killer” after several wins knocked out tournament favorites.

Where they play: Robins Center

Mascot: WebstUR

  • UR started phasing out the informal mascot Spidey in 2011. The change came because “Spidey” is a trademark of Marvel Entertainment LLC, so it couldn’t be used in licensed merchandise.
  • UR wasn’t known as the Spiders until 1894 — before that, they went by the Colts.
  • Only university in the country with a Spider as a mascot

Team colors: Red and blue

  • Typically they wear white jerseys at home games and blue with red accents on the road
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Major accomplishments:

  • MBB reached Sweet Sixteen of NCAA tournament in 1988, 2011
  • MBB won conference tournament in 2011, 2022
  • WBB won conference tournament in 1990, 1991

See the men’s and women’s schedules.

🛼 River City Roller Derby (WFTDA) | Est. 2006


River City Roller Derby has roots in Richmond from 2006.

Photo by Joseph S. Ring

Take your sports fandom off the court or field and onto the flat track by going all in on River City Roller Derby. In 2018, the league grew to two teams, the Riots and the River Rats. Brush up on the basics of the sport.

Where they play: Greater Richmond Convention Center

  • You can also spot River City Roller Derby at community events like First Fridays in the Arts District.
  • Keep updated on events and news on Instagram or Facebook

Team colors: Black and green

Major accomplishments:

  • Became member league of WFTDA in 2009, expanded to two fully-rostered teams in 2018
  • In 2023, several skaters took on the Capital Trail — that’s 52 miles — on skates.

Check the Bruiseletter for upcoming events.

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