City unveils new “Richmond Real” brand


The brand launch took place at the City Hall Observation Deck. | Photo by RICtoday

Real people. Real places. Real stories. That’s the tagline for the City of Richmond’s new identity, Richmond Real.

Mayor Levar Stoney announced the new initiative at a press conference last week, saying the brand “celebrates all that is authentic and unique about the great city of Richmond.” Here are answers to some common questions we’ve been seeing about Richmond Real.

What is it for?

The brand is designed to promote economic development in the city, so you’ll probably see it on tourism campaigns, around construction sites, and at community events. It is different from the city’s official seal and logo.

The seal features a female figure with scales and a sword along with the motto sic itur ad astra, meaning “such is the way to the stars.” The logowhich you’re more likely to see when out and about or on your utility bill — is blue with a boatman surrounded by nine white stars.

Richmond Real Banner-1

Source: West Cary Group

Where did it come from?

The city enlisted the local firm West Cary Group to help with identity strategy + design. The design of the logo is meant to illustrate the city’s connectedness.

“Whether you’re from Northside, Southside, East End, or West End, you see that there is a clear pathway to the city center,” West Cary Group CEO Moses Foster said, referencing the negative space and use of color in the design.

What about RVA?

RVA isn’t going anywhere — but this is something different. Foster described RVA as a regional brand.

“We needed to create something distinctive for the City of Richmond, because we are truly distinctive,” Foster said. “Just as our county partners have done with their brands.”

What do you think of the new identity? Share your thoughts + any questions you have and we’ll get the answers.