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Let us solve your Richmond mysteries

If you’ve got a question following you around the River City, let us take on the case. We’ll try to find the answer.

Outside of the Flying Squirrels stadium.

Cheers of “HAVE FUNN, GO NUTS” can be heard during Flying Squirrels games.

Photo by RICtoday

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Whether you’re a lifelong Richmonder or just moved (we see you, NOVA expats), you may have questions about the River City. We’re starting a series to help bring those queries to light — and share the answers with everybody.

⚾️ Why do the Squirrels spell “FUNN” with two N’s?

The series was inspired by Reader Alexander D., who wondered why in the world the Flying Squirrels spell “FUNN” with two N’s. It’s a question that also plagued Richmonders when the Squirrels landed in our city in 2010.

Here’s the answer: One “N” simply isn’t enough to encapsulate all the fun going on at The Diamond. The Squirrels addressed the question on the RVA subreddit six years ago, adding that it is also the main phone line — 804-359-FUNN.

🐈 Where did Francine come from?


Francine can frequently be found lounging atop boxes.

Photo via r/rva

In the five years since Francine the calico cat made her home at the Lowe’s at Broad and Lombardy, she’s become something of a Richmond icon. Reader Elizabeth H. reached out to ask about her origin story.

Francine’s illustrious career at the home improvement store began around 2018. Looking for warmth and possessing a talent for hunting mice, Francine then formed a bond with employee Eric Nelson. The staff started to feed her and she started getting more comfortable, gradually becoming the expert Garden Center napper Richmonders know and love today.

Have a burning question about the 804? Submit your Richmond mystery and we’ll see if we can drum up an answer.