What are your dreams for Richmond Public Schools?

District is in the midst of the strategic plan to improve accreditation, graduation, literacy, enrollment, and more



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RPS is setting goals for the next several years by revisiting its strategic plan. With the help of students, staff, families, and community members, the district will create Dreams 4 RPS: Let’s Keep Dreaming.

In 2018, Kamras introduced Dreams 4 RPS, a five-year strategic plan to guide the progress of city schools. The plan was centered around five priorities:

  • Exciting and rigorous teaching and learning
  • Skilled and supported staff
  • Safe and loving school cultures
  • Deep partnership with families and community
  • Modern systems and infrastructure

The plan also included 10 goals which span a variety of areas, from achieving 100% accreditation to decreasing chronic absenteeism and increasing teacher retention.
Now, the district is setting new goals for the future.

What’s happening


Data presented to the school board shows the percentage of K-3 students who met the PALS literacy benchmark at RPS 200 schools and “control” schools.

Chart via Richmond Public Schools documents

Several initiatives have gotten off the ground since the original Dreams plan was announced, including the RPS 200 pilot and the Build Our Own Teacher program.

RPS 200, which expanded Fairfield Court and Cardinal Elementary to year-round calendars, has already seen some success in increasing literacy and attendance at those schools. According to a report delivered to the school board, average attendance was up 2.4% at Fairfield and .7% at Cardinal, while chronic absenteeism decreased -14% at Fairfield.

The board voted this week to start soliciting interest from other schools which might want to start the program.

The BOOT program launched this year and is designed to make it easier for RPS employees, including instructional assistants and long-term subs, to become licensed teachers.

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