Free vaccines to be offered at needle exchange sites

RHHD partners with Health Brigade to offer free vaccinations

Health Brigade's sign out front

The free clinics will offer COVID-19 and flu vaccines.

Photo by RICtoday

Richmond and Henrico Health Districts are partnering with Health Brigade, a free clinic located in the Fan, to provide free vaccinations at needle exchange events.

Health Brigade offers evidence-based harm reduction services to Richmonders struggling with drug addiction. Needle exchanges help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C among those who inject drugs — and, by extension, among their families and communities.

Now, RHHD will offer free monthly COVID-19 and flu vaccination clinics at needle exchange locations.

“We think it is important to provide these vaccines in a community outreach setting,” Dziko Singleton and Colin King said. The two serve as co-coordinators of Health Brigade’s Comprehensive Harm Reduction Program.

RHHD encourages all Richmonders to stay up to date on vaccines. Community immunization clinics can be found at their Henrico East, Henrico West, and Cary Street locations.