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New traffic signals coming to these Richmond intersections

The city is installing Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons around town — learn what they are, how they work, and where to expect them to show up in the near future


The city has already installed a PHB at Grove and Somerset Avenues.

Photo by RICtoday

The city is installing Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons at several intersections around town. Signals at Forest Hill Avenue near Huguenot High School, Semmes Avenue near Fonticello Park, and Laburnum Avenue near Holton Elementary will be in operation over the next few weeks.

PHBs are a kind of traffic signal designed to allow pedestrians and bicyclists to cross multi-lane roadways. Not sure how to interpret a PHB? Here’s a quick demo.

The following locations are also on the agenda to get PHBs:

  • Belvidere Street near the Virginia War Memorial
  • Hull Street at Silverwood Drive, Worsham Way, and 29th Street
  • Main Street at 24th Street
  • Williamsburg Avenue at Stony Run Road

The city is also shifting two existing traffic signals to function as PHBs — one at Fire Station 17 near Canoe Run Park and another at Fire Station 5 near Abner Clay Park.