Richmond’s Ins + Outs for 2024

Take a look at what our readers think will be on trend for the new year — and what we might want to leave in 2023.

An aerial shot of the Richmond skyline

We asked our readers for Richmond’s new years resolutions — here’s what they said.

New year, new us.

2024 has arrived. For some folks that means big goals, and for others it just means a new number at the end of the date. Whatever you’re looking for in the new year, we asked readers to tell us what’s in and what’s out in Richmond in 2024.

Some patterns emerged in the responses to both our reader survey and our Instagram post. A number of respondents seemed focused on mindful development, improving transportation and infrastructure, and supporting Richmond businesses.

Transportation was also a dominant topic for things to leave in 2023 — particularly some less-than-popular local driving behaviors.

Without further ado, here’s what’s in and out for the new year.


“Promoting Black/POC and female businesses on a regular basis.” — Susan W.

“Local craft stores and hair salons, drive in movies, cool tattoos.” — Hannah G.

“Better crosswalks for pedestrians, covered bus stops, shopping small businesses, trying RVA’s wide array of food!” — Liz H.

“Get rid of/renovate old houses to be more efficient for water and HVAC purposes.” — @michaelandthedrone

“Skinny trails through the woods.” —

“Biking, affordable housing, smart growth.” — @callie.pillar

“Speed tables.” — @thepoetryofthings

“Using your blinker before your brakes.” — @sugery_donuts

An intersection on VCU campus, with students and other pedestrians crossing in front of a large VCU sign

Infrastructure like crosswalks and bike lanes were major topics of discussion for what Richmond’s goals should include.

Photo by RICtoday


“Stop signs that are invisible because of tree overhang.” — Hannah G.

“Bird scooters.” — @honey_hivez

“Yet another corner vape shop andcars flying through pedestrian crosswalks.” — Liz H.

“Parking in bike lanes.” — @thepoetryofthings

“Bike lanes.” — @christinewampler

“Cars, abusive landlords, car-centric growth.” — @callie.pillar

Do you agree with these picks? Our survey is still open — let us know what you hope the new year brings and what it ought to leave behind.

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