“Monopoly: Richmond Edition” board unveiled

Monopoly manufacture praises Richmonders’ pride in their hometown

A man in a suit and a man in a Mr Monopoly costume stand on stage and address a crowd

People from all over Richmond and Mr. Monopoly were in attendance for the board’s unveiling.

Photo by RICtoday

Go straight to Maymont, don’t pass go, don’t collect $200 — Monopoly just got local.

The makers of Monopoly unveiled the classic board game’s new “Richmond Edition” on Monday morning. At a press conference held at the Virginia War Memorial, John Marano of Top Trumps USA said that the game’s design process began in February.

Marano said the company had set out to find a city “steeped in local pride,” and that in Richmond they had found just that. Marano then came to Richmond to talk with local community members and make decisions on what local sites should be included on the 24-space board. He received over 1,000 suggestions in just one day.

A large poster of the Richmond Edition Monopoly board

The 40-space board is full to the brim of Richmond icons.

Photo by RICtoday

Jack Berry of Richmond Region Tourism said the game’s board was proof of the breadth of Central Virginia’s cultural sites. He also called the new Monopoly game “huge” for Richmond.

Spots on the board include Maymont, Brown’s Island, Belle Isle — listed as “Belle’s Isle” — and Joe’s Inn. The two Community Chest spaces are occupied by RACC and Daily Planet. The Boardwalk space — the most coveted of all Monopoly properties — is held by the James River.

Did you submit a suggestion for the board’s space? What famous Richmond spaces did you want to see that didn’t make the cut? Let us know.

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