New utility rates for Richmond residents go into effect Saturday, July 1

The Department of Public Utilities estimates most households will pay an extra $8.70 a month.

An orange fire hydrant on a city sidewalk.

Water customers using an average of 7.48 gallons will see a $1.55 monthly bill increase.

Photo by Brett Sayles via Pexels

Your utility bill might look a little higher this month (we say this gently and with love).

July 2023 marks the first month that the higher utility rates Richmond City Council approved back in May will go into effect. According to the Department of Public Utilities, households can expect an average increase of $8.70 a month.

Here’s the average cost increase per utility (or, dig deeper into the new rates):

Natural Gas: ~$2.24 a month

Water: ~$1.55 a month

Wastewater: ~$4.40 a month

Stormwater: ~$0.51 a month for typical customers

Reminder: You can sign up for a flexible payment plan with PromisePay. You can also apply for financial assistance through programs like the Low Income Household Water Assistance Program, the MetroCare Water Assistance Program, or the Senior Care Program.