GRTC announces bus stop improvements plan in Richmond, VA

Currently, 5% of active local bus stops have a shelter and 21% have seating.

A GRTC bus at a stop with a small shelter and bench.

Improving bus stops is part of GRTC’s plan to increase transit access.

Photo courtesy GRTC Transit System

GRTC’s board of directors has approved a plan to improve a large portion of local bus stops.

Currently, only 5% of active local stops have a shelter and 21% have seating. There are 1,609 active local stops.

The Essential Transit Infrastructure plan will add 160 shelters + 225 benches over the next five years. It’s projected to cost between $11 million and $28.6 million, which will be covered by local, state, and federal grants.

GRTC has already identified 184 stops that qualify for a new or upgraded shelter and 232+ stops that qualify for a new bench. Stops will be selected and scheduled for improvements based on a variety of factors, including usage and equity.

If you know of a stop in need of improvements, you can put in a request or send GRTC an email.

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