Little Free Libraries in Richmond, VA

Check out our neighborhood-specific recommendations to see multiple little free libraries.

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A little free library around the corner from Riverbend Roastery in Church Hill. | Photo by RICtoday

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Little Free Libraries have been a staple of Richmond sidewalks for years. The book-filled boxes are easy to stumble upon — but maybe not as easy to track down again.

There are 150,000 Little Free Libraries around the world. Based in Hudson, WI, the nonprofit aims to inspire readers + expand book access globally. The nonprofit has a map to registered boxes.

If you’re a Richmond reader, here are neighborhood-specific recs.

📚 The Fan

To see a few libraries in easy walking distance, check out Meadow Park (box #1). From there, head west to 2219 Park Ave. (#2). Right around the corner in Scuffletown Park is another library (#3). Plus: There are unregistered libraries a few blocks down, right near Kuba Kuba (1601 Park Ave.) and by Lombardy Playground.

📚 Church Hill

There are several within a few blocks of each other at Chimborazo Playground, 3111 E. Marshall St., and 2707 E. Marshall St. Pro tip: We know there’s one around the corner from Riverbend Roastery (2623 E. Broad St.) as well, although it’s not on the map.

📚 Woodland Heights

There are a number of libraries south of the river. For a quick tour, go to 609 W. 30th St., 2705 Hillcrest Rd., and 811 W. 29th St. That last one is called “River City Reads” because its books may contain testimonies from other Richmond readers.

We only got to highlight a few neighborhoods, but there are libraries all around town. You can also check out reader recommendations by looking at the comments of this reel. Book it to the official map.

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