Nearly $1 million granted to create safe streets in Richmond

Hello, new speed safety cameras.

Broad Street facing east is seen from the middle of the street.

Safe Streets and Roads for All will provide $762,400, with $190,600 in matching city funds.

Photo by RICtoday

Big changes are coming to our streets — $953,000 worth of changes, to be specific.

A Safe Streets and Roads for All grant has been given to the Department of Public Works to ensure safer conditions for folks traveling through the city of Richmond. So, how will the department spend the money? Here are the highlights:

  • Speed enforcement. 20 speed safety cameras will be installed in 10 school zone locations.
  • Improving accessibility. The city will continue to conduct ADA Audits.
  • Street lights. A data-driven, citywide lighting management plan will be executed.
  • Addressing high-risk, impaired drivers. A plan including pilot programming will connect people with mental health and substance use disorders to available services.
  • Roadway safety assessments. These will help identify high priority, high-risk roadways, plus inform future safety improvements.

Read more about the project to create safe streets for all in the city’s press release.