Check out the proposed bike lanes near the Nickel Bridge

The Dept. of Public Works is seeking public feedback on the proposal, which would affect SR 161 north and south of the James.


The Boulevard Bridge may cost 35 cents now, but it’s named for the initial five cent toll.

The Department of Public Works is evaluating adding bike infrastructure to State Route 161 on opposite sides of the Nickel Bridge.

Using funding from the Federal Transportation Alternatives Program, DPW would implement the project in two phases next year.

The plans for Phase I and Phase II have specific proposals for each stretch. The first phase would see bike lanes added on Westover Hills Boulevard, south of the bridge. In the second phase, bike lanes would begin on Park Drive and Blanton Avenue around Pump House Drive, running north to French Street.

DPW wants feedback from Richmonders. Take this survey by the end of February to share your thoughts.