7 record stores in Richmond, VA

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You can pose with your new tunes at the Deep Groove mural. | Photo by RICtoday

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Ready to get groovy, Richmond? Record Store Day was this past weekend and we’re turning the tables on how you listen to music. Whether you missed out on the official day or have a new passion for classic vinyl, River City has plenty of local music hubs to explore.

Unplug the aux cord and dust off your dad’s old record player. We’ve rounded up seven vibrant + homey record stores that are well-stocked and totally in tune with your musical needs. 🎵

Deep Groove Records, 317 N. Robinson St.

This Fan shop celebrated 13 years in business this month.

Plan 9 Music, 3017 W. Cary St.

If you haven’t had a chance to peruse the aisles of this Carytown favorite, you can place a preorder on their website.

Vinyl Conflict, 324 S. Pine St.

Oregon Hill is home to Richmond’s only dedicated hardcore, punk, and metal record store.

Records & Relics RVA, 2704 W. Marshall St.

Search through an extensive collection of records, posters, stickers + more at this Church Hill store.

Wax Moon, 1310 Altamont Ave.

Find all genres of records at Scott’s Addition vinyl + video store — or just stop by for a few rounds of pinball.

Small Friend Records & Books, 1 N. Lombardy St.

This Fan shop will buy your gently-used records and books and stocks up on local zines.

6131 Records, 5710 Patterson Ave.

Although the West End storefront is currently closed, you can shop from a collection of indie vinyl online.

We know we missed a few rockin’ River City record stores. Let us know your favorite place to score sweet tunes.

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