6 Richmond-themed Halloween costumes

From local legends to timely news, here’s how to embrace the River City and impress your friends in your Halloween look.

A triptych of Lucy Dacus, Ripple the Otter, and Nutzy.

Look to River City legends for this year’s Halloween costume.

Photos by David Lee, RICtoday, Waz8

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Halloween is fast approaching. Here are six fa-boo-lous ideas for how to win the costume contest + embrace your River City pride with a Richmond-inspired fit.


Flying Squirrels merch + squirrel accessories + a red cape = a Halloween winner. Bonus: Adding a Nutasha (pink bow and cape) could make for a FUNN pairs costume.

Pulse “Bus Only” Lane

It’s topical + requires minimal arts and crafts. Wear all red and add white “bus only” markings with fabric paint. Bonus: A toy bus is the perfect accessory.

Ripple the Otter

Dress up as the Richmond Public Library mascot by picking up a plain red t-shirt and adding the RPL logo to the front by printing it out and attaching it (beginner) or using fabric paint (expert). Sport an otter mask or splurge on a fuzzy onesie. From there, all you need is your favorite book as a prop.


The city’s new bike lane sweeper can be your costume with just a gladiator mask + broom prop. The name was chosen by the people, so its bound to be popular at parties.

Lucy Dacus

If you’ve got a nine to five, maybe you haven’t had time to think of a costume yet. Assemble an indie-rocker-on-the-rise look with items you might already have in your closet. A denim button down + red lip (plus a guitar, if you’ve got one) is a good riff on her Spotify headshot.

Sailor Sandwich

Celebrate Richmond’s culinary history with a punny take on this local deli staple. Sailor accessories + a traditional sandwich ensemble should get the job done. At-home crafters could also try a DIY.

Want a spooky second opinion on your ‘fit? Run your Richmond costume ideas by us.

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