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Richmond SPCA in need of foster homes for furry friends

In the colder months, foster homes for dogs become a top priority

RIC_Nyla and Oakley

Finding foster homes for dogs like Oakley (left) and Nyla (right) is one of Richmond SPCA’s top priorities this time of year.

Photos via Richmond SPCA

Richmond SPCA works year-round helping dogs, cats, and other friendly critters from around Central Virginia. However, as the weather cools and kitten births slow down, the SPCA turns its main focus to finding foster homes for its four-legged tenants, specifically dogs.

According to Tabitha Treloar with the Richmond SPCA, many of these dogs are recovering from a medical procedure, need some special attention, or just have a lot of energy and could benefit from a quick vacation from the shelter. Some dogs, especially those with medical considerations, are looking to stay with their foster hosts for a set period of time while they recover. Others can take “vacations” as quick as one weekend.

A black cat in a flower-shaped cone lounges sweetly on a desk, receiving a pat.

While kitten intake slows in the colder months, older cats like Lima Beans are available for foster or adoption year-round.

Photo via Richmond SPCA

Treloar said fostering a dog provides a great opportunity for dog lovers who, for one reason or another, can’t commit to being any animal’s forever home right now. The SPCA provides all bedding, toys, vaccines, and appointments — foster homes just give the animals a stable environment and lots of love. Households without children or other pets are ideal.

One four-legged friend in need of a place to stay is Oakley, a roughly two-year-old dog who had an orthopedic procedure on his right leg in August. Oakley’s out of his cast now and needs a place to fully recover. He doesn’t do very well with other dogs, according to Treloar, but he’s “super snuggly” with humans.

A dog presenting his belly for rubs

Oakley is out of his cast now, but he’s still looking for a place to relax while he recovers.

Photo via Richmond SPCA

Another pup who needs a home is Nyla, a two-year-old who’s recovering from severe dermatitis and ear infections. Nyla’s been through a lot medically — and she’s still recovering from much of it — but she’s an incredibly affectionate, energetic, and playful presence. Her first foster caretaker adored her for the 10 days he had her, telling the SPCA that “there’s nothing [he] won’t miss about Nyla.”

Ready to bring a furry friend into your home for a few days? Head to the Richmond SPCA’s website and start the process today.

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