W League RVA announces team name, branding

Richmond Ivy Soccer Club kicks off May 11, bringing pre-professional women’s soccer back to the River City


Cheer on the Ivy in their inaugural season at City Stadium.

Photo via Richmond Ivy Soccer Club

Hello, Richmond Ivy Soccer Club.

The upcoming W League RVA team unveiled its name and branding at an exclusive launch party on Wednesday, March 13.

Richmond Ivy SC name takes inspiration from the twisting vines that can be found throughout the River City. The team’s announcement cited the plant’s tenacious growth, connecting it to the promising future of women’s soccer in the region.

“When you’re an Ivy, you’re part of something so much bigger than yourself,” the manifesto reads.

Alex Kocher, creative director of the Richmond-based Easy Friday Co., spearheaded the design process. The team crest includes several hints to the River City, including seven points on the primary leaf to represent the seven hills of Richmond and the arch of the “I” and vine alluding to a bridge over the river.


Sporting Director Madeline McCracken addresses Ivy hopefuls at the combine.

Photo by Jessica Stone Hendricks

The Kickers announced the return of pre-professional women’s soccer in July 2023. The Ivy are under the same ownership group as the Kickers, 22 Holdings LLC. Richmond had been without a women’s team since 2009, when Richmond Kickers Destiny folded.

The Ivy hosted its first combine in December and has been sharing player commitments since February. Many team members are currently on college squads, including players from VCU, UR, UVA, and VT.


The Ivy hosted their first player combine in December 2023.

Photo by Jessica Stone Hendricks

The season kicks off with a home game on May 11 against the Virginia Marauders. The Ivy will then play the Charlottesville Blues on May 23 at City Stadium before heading on a two-game road trip. Check out the full schedule, which includes six home matches.

Season tickets are on sale now. Packages start at $90 and include tickets to all home matches, a merch starter kit, and 50% off a CityStadium+ membership. Individual game tickets go on sale Tuesday, March 26.

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