It’s street sweeping season in Richmond

Street sweeping starts this week and lasts into April 2023. Here’s your need-to-know local info.

Fallen leaves line the streets of the Fan under parked cars.

Beautiful fall leaves on trees become debris in streets around this time of year.

Photo by @jlpullinger on Instagram

Citywide street sweeping is starting today (say that five times fast). We’ve got details on when your neighborhood is scheduled + how to avoid being towed.

The Dept. of Public Works is in charge of sweeping and flushing the city’s streets each year. It’s around a six-month process and it starts today at 8 a.m.

Only streets with curbs + gutters will be swept. If you park your car or other vehicle on the street, you’ll need to move it to avoid being towed. Signs should go up at least 48 hours in advance of sweeping.

Note: If you do get towed, follow the city’s instructions to retrieve your vehicle.

Other objects can also hinder the street sweeping equipment, like portable basketball hoops and large piles of yard debris.

The Museum District is up first, from today until Fri., Nov. 4. DPW has maps of each sweeping route by neighborhood, if you want to check when your street will be swept.

A sign posted on the sidewalk indicates street sweeping on Monday.

Museum District streets will be cleaned this week.

Photo by RICtoday

Here are the rest of the dates for residential sweeping.

  • The Fan | Nov.14-30
  • Far West End | Dec. 5-16
  • Lower West End | Jan. 1-13
  • Church Hill | Jan. 17-27
  • Fulton/35th Street | Jan. 30-Feb. 10
  • Highland Park | Feb. 13-24
  • Northside/Ginter Park | Feb. 27-March 10
  • Bellevue/Sherwood Park/Washington Park | March 13-24
  • Bainbridge/Bellemeade/Davee Gardens | March 27-April 7
  • Woodland Heights/Swansboro/Westover Hills | April 10-21
  • Downtown/Carver/Newtowne/Millie Jones | April 24-28
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