Apply for a Green Grant to keep Virginia beautiful

The program awards funds in four categories throughout June


Schools, parks, environmental groups, nonprofits, and more can apply for Green Grants.

Keep Virginia Beautiful is ready to hand out its spring Green Grants. The program awards schools, parks, counties and towns, environmental groups, associations, nonprofits, and service organizations with funds to support environmental projects.

Grants are awarded in amounts of $500, $750, or $1,000.

There are four categories to apply under — here are examples of what funds could be used for under each.

  • Litter Prevention | Buy cleaning supplies or organize a cleanup event
  • Cigarette Litter Prevention | Organize a public awareness campaign or place cigarette butt receptacles in your community
  • Community Beautification | Start a community garden, remove graffiti, or create a public green space
  • Recycling | Purchase receptacles, reusable shopping bags, or water refilling stations

Want to apply? Fill out an application before the end of April. The 30 recipients will be announced one each day in June.