How to attend the Richmond Folk Festival based on your Enneagram Type

Richmonders in each number, One through Nine, can experience the free cultural fest in their own way.

People explore the free Richmond Folk Festival on Brown's Island

Bring water, your ID + your dancing feet to Brown’s Island this weekend.

Photo via @rvafolkfest

We love the annual Richmond Folk Festival + the personality system known as the Enneagram.

We’ve recommended a festival activity for every number, from Ones to Nines, to personalize your party this weekend.

Type One The Reformer
Responsible and rational, Ones will be interested in following the schedule by the letter. Let them pick their favorite performers pre-festival.

Type Two The Helper
Twos are caring and generous. Connect them with the Bucket Brigade to donate to the Folk Festival, which helps keep the event free to the public.

Type Three The Achiever
Threes are who you need in a competition, determined and adaptable. Send them to the marketplace to find the best deals among the talented artisans.

Type Four The Individualist
Sensitive and creative, type Fours should find themselves at the Virginia Folklife Area to explore the Instrument Makers Workshop.

Type Five The Investigator
The intense and perceptive fives will do well discovering something new to eat with the diverse array of food vendors.

Type SixThe Loyalist
Type Sixes will love the sentimental atmosphere of the Family Stage. They may also gravitate towards the nostalgia + quirky acts.

Type Seven The Enthusiast
Feed into Sevens’ spontaneous and adventurous nature by sampling the Folk Festbier, Hardywood’s special festival brew.

Type EightThe Challenger
Dominating and self-assured, type Eights wouldn’t want us organizing their days. Here’s a playlist of performers so they can manage the concert viewing instead.

Type Nine The Peacemaker
Type Nines will go with the flow, as they’re easygoing and reliable. They’ll enjoy a peaceful evening with these riverfront views.

For parking, concert schedules + festival updates, check the Folk Festival website or social media ahead of and during the celebrations from Fri., Oct. 7-Sun., Oct. 9.

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