Challenge yourself to a Richmond crossword

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The Richmond skyline from the 9th St. bridge

There are many Richmond resources to learn how to save energy. | Photo by @artzkopf

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Hint: Some of these answers can be found in recent newlettersso get to searching.

Final Canva Larger Crossword

Can you figure out the facts and figures in this puzzle?

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1. A legendary bank president, local activist
3. Performance venue + utilities
6. ____ Back Inn
8. The boys who play at City Stadium
10. A recent Carytown tattoo expansion
12. No square takes the stage here
14. A Squirrel’s best friend
15. A delicacy created at New York Deli
17. The editor born and raised in Richmond


2. Pouring pints since ’93
4. An early name for the Altria
5. A towering monument to learning on UR campus
7. Quoth the black cats nevermore
9. Live! at Lewis Ginter
11. A classy dinner spot with an unsuspecting animal name
13. A groovy way to celebrate the history of Jackson Ward
16. First neighborhood in Richmond

Answer Key


1. Maggie (Maggie Walker)
3. Dominion Energy
6. Dots Back Inn
8. Richmond Kickers
10. Loose Screw (Tattoo)
12. Richmond Triangle Players
14. Nutzy
15. Sailor (Sandwich)
17. Robin (Schwartzkopf)


2. Legend (Brewing Co.)
4. Mosque
5. Boatwright (Memorial Library)
7. Poe (Museum)
9. Butterflies (LIVE!)
11. L’Opposum
13. Second Street Festival
16. Church Hill

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