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Try This: “Julia Child: A Recipe for Life” Exhibition

Discover the gastronomic legacy of “The French Chef”.

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An exhibit featuring Julia Child, renowned culinary icon.

Go on a journey through Julia’s life, as she explored the world and discovered her sense of curiosity, including the moment that ignited her love for French cuisine and inspired her career.

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The museum exhibit, featuring a prop bathtub

The VMHC’s new Julia Child exhibition is an immersive look into the iconic chef’s life.

Photo by RICtoday

Ever dreamed of being a TV chef? Well, Richmond, now you can — sort of.

The VMHC’s newest exhibit, “Julia Child: A Recipe for Life,” takes you through the life of the legendary Julia Child through archival items, immersive experiences, and even smell-replicas of her favorite dishes. Bon appétit, y’all.

What we tried:

A man in a beanie stands on a TV kitchen set

City Editor David, doing his best to channel Julia Child.

Photo by RICtoday.

I grew up watching a lot of cooking TV, so I was no stranger to Julia Child’s work, but I knew next to nothing about the woman herself. Did you know that she was a research assistant for the OSS during World War II?

My favorite section of the exhibit, however, was the set replica of “The French Chef” TV show. Now that I know what I look like on TV, I think I’ll stick to writing newsletters.

What not to miss:

The exhibit centers around immersive experiences — a table at “La Couronne” gives you a seat at the restaurant where Julia first experienced French cooking. There’s also a digital typewriter to write letters to Julia, a massive digital cookbook, and a prop bathtub for recreating one of Childs’ most iconic Valentine’s Day Cards.

A table set at a french restaurant

Experience the restaurant where Julia Child first experienced French cuisine.

Photo by RICtoday

What we’re still talking about:

I loved the dives into Virginia’s own culinary history, from pre-Colonial cuisine to modern dining experiences. One of the most interesting was a look into the life of James Hemings, who was enslaved by Thomas Jefferson and served as Monticello’s head chef.

How you can experience this:

Want to take your own stroll through Julia Child’s life? Head to the VMHC’s First Friday event on April 5 from 5 to 8 p.m. for free museum admission.

RIC Julia Child 4

Ever wondered what kind of gear is required to be a French chef?

Photo by RICtoday

Things to know if you go:

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