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Experience a day in the life of an IAQ technician

We met with Woodfin to get an inside peek at what indoor air quality (IAQ) experts see in Richmond homes.

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Woodfin solves indoor air quality problems with advanced solutions + proven air quality technologies.

Photo by Logan Ellinger & Woodfin - Your Home Team

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Every day is different for a Woodfin technician. And with hotter weather ahead, they’re preparing to bring air conditioning + indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions to Richmond residents.

To see what a day in the life of an IAQ technician looks like (because we’re curious like that), we met with Woodfin IAQ Manager Rodney Hundley and Field Supervisor Harley Hatten — and you’ll definitely want to keep reading.

First off, what is an indoor air quality technician?

IAQ technicians help test the quality of air in homes and businesses. They look for common problems like high levels of humidity, dirty air ducts, and poor ventilation + insulation, and provide solutions to help purify the air.

Typical day in the life of an IAQ tech:

It’s spring, which means pollen is in the air + humidity is high. Harley (IAQ Field Supervisor) told us it’s best to check your indoor air quality year-round, but especially at the turn of the season.

An IAQ technician can perform a crawlspace encapsulation + install a dehumidifier, which decreases humidity in the home and ensures a stable, climate-controlled atmosphere.

IAQ jobs vary depending on the problem, so each day looks different. Woodfin technicians go on all types of calls (sometimes up to 3-5 a day) to perform jobs like:

  • Whole house duct cleaning
  • Air purifier installation
  • Air quality tests
  • Dryer vent replacements

Insider info:

Rodney (who has been with Woodfin for 19 years) gave us the inside scoop on the IAQ field. He says working in IAQ gives you a whole skill set that can be transferred to other jobs — from knowledge of heating + cooling to plumbing and electrical work.

It’s a job that lets you work with your hands, think outside the box + provide proven solutions to help the home, and the people in it, breathe better.

Fascinated like we were? Woodfin is hiring employees across all specialties, including indoor air quality technicians. Bonus: Get $100 off a whole home air purification system.*

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