Facebook groups to connect with your community in Richmond, VA

Stay updated with your community + local special events through these active social media groups.

Manchester Manifest Singer Richmond FB Groups

Connect with Richmond Special Events so you never miss First Fridays in Manchester.

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Find your Focus

We’re letting you in on one of our event planning secrets — Richmond’s collection of community groups on Facebook.

According to Meta analytics, each of these Facebook factions posts multiple times a day. The city never sleeps, even digitally.

Plan Ahead 🗓

Richmond VA Special Events | 5,000+ members
Catch concert tickets, times for the local farmers markets, or job interviews once you sign up for this public group.

Shop 🛍

Buy, Sell, Trade RVA | 80,000+ members
Get rid of older items or find a deal by applying to this private community.

Food + Drink 🌮

RVA Restaurant Connection | 573 members
A public collection of small restaurant owners, employees + distributors sharing advice.

RVA Dine & Drink | 82,000+ members
Follow this community to ask questions with other local foodies about dining out, catering, or making reservations.

Special Interest

RVA Retro Gaming | 860 members
Lovers of board, video, and card games can join this private group to meet other Magic mates.

Lost, Found, Sighted in Richmond | 4,000+ members
Help Richmonders find and connect lost pets to their owners by following this public group.

Lindsey’s List | 63,000+ members

Join this private group to participate in a jobs and housing forum.

Richmond Rentals | 16,000+ members
Lock down an apartment, sublet your home, or find a roommate through this public housing group by Boom.

Neighborhood + Family 🏠

RVA Moms | 10,000+ members
Apply to join this private group built to support local mothers + mother figures.

Pro tip: To find your part of the River City, search “Richmond neighborhoods” + explore the association pages.

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