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Fact or Fiction: Debunking 5 common home maintenance myths

In honor of the spring season, we’re clearing the air and sorting out what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to home maintenance.

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An HVAC Unit outside.

The spring season is the perfect time for cleaning and doing home maintenance.

Photo provided by Logan Ellinger and Woodfin - Your Home Team

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Let’s filter through the myths and facts, Richmond. The spring season is a great time to start fresh, get organized, and handle some serious cleaning + home maintenance, so we’re teaming up with Woodfin - Your Home Team and HVAC Service Manager, Larry Stone to clear the air by addressing some common spring maintenance myths.

Fact or Fiction: Air filters only need to be changed once a year.

This is fiction. Even the most highly efficient media filters and air cleaners benefit from servicing more than once a year (the amount of service needed depends on its working conditions).

Fact or Fiction: Your HVAC system does not need to have a tune-up before you start using your air conditioning.

This is fact. Your system can start and run without maintenance, but annual equipment maintenance by a qualified HVAC technician is recommended. Proper maintenance ensures that your cooling equipment is operating properly, safely, and efficiently (which can reduce energy bills). Schedule a tune up.

Fact or Fiction: You can save money on your energy bill during warmer months by turning your air conditioning off when you are not at home.

This is fiction. Leaving your thermostat at (or slightly above) the set point during the cooling season allows the home to maintain its cooling load. If you set the thermostat to off, this allows the home to gain a high heat load that will have to be removed when the system is turned back on, causing the system to run longer hours and work harder. Also, nobody wants to come back to a hot house.

Fact or Fiction: Air conditioners only cool air and cannot improve air quality.

This is fiction. An air conditioner removes humidity from the air and then lowers the ambient air temperature. Dehumidified air in the summertime feels better and it’s easier to breathe (read: improved air quality).

Fact or Fiction: Improving indoor air quality is challenging.

This is fiction. Doing things like scheduling regular equipment maintenance and changing air filters improves the quality of the air. There are many other options Woodfin can provide to ensure better air quality, like UV lamps, Aapco air purifiers, and media air filters.

Schedule your spring maintenance.*

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