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Local deals for National Donut Day in Richmond

See where you can get discounted donuts, prizes, and more around Richmond for National Donut Day


Find Flubert the apple cider donut bus at markets around Richmond.

Friday, June 7 is National Donut Day. While national companies like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ have deals, there are some local shops getting in on the festivities as well.

You can find the First Stop Donuts school bus at the corner of Grove and Malvern and spin the prize wheel to win free donuts, coffee, or vouchers.

Oh Mochi is doing buy one, get one deal on half dozens and dozens of donuts — present this coupon at the VCU-area shop or the location inside The Park to redeem the offer.

Or snag something sweet from another local bakery like Diablo Doughnuts, Country Style Donuts, Donuts Company, or Westhampton Pastry Shop.

What kind of donut do you think most suits our city? Robin here: Honestly, I’m leaning blueberry. Let us know your thoughts.

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