Nominate your picks for the emblems of Richmond

Richmond doesn’t have as many official designations as the Commonwealth we’re in — so we’re asking readers to pick the animals, plants, and concepts that represent our city.


According to city code, the iris became the official flower in 1993.

Photo by Eric Hunt

While digging into the official emblems of the Commonwealth of Virginia, we started thinking about similar honors in Richmond. From the looks of the city code, Richmond doesn’t have too many.

Beyond the standard stuff — seal, flag, logo — we could only find one designation in our search. The official flower is the iris.

So we’ve already got flowers covered, but we want to take the rest of the categories to readers. What do you think should be the (un)official bird, tree, or beverage of Richmond? What about dog breed, fish, or rock?

Feel free to get specific with your recommendations — Virginia has an official television series, motor sports museum, and folk dance. We’ll also hear recommendations for songs, shells, and spirits. The types of categories are only limited by your imagination.

Send us your picks and you could end up in a future newsletter.

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