Plant a tree at the North Avenue Branch Library

Local organizations team up for tree planting

RIC JRA trees

Tree seedlings will be delivered to participating Richmonders on Nov. 11.

James River Association

The James River Association has announced it’s partnering with Truist and the Arbor Day Foundation for a community-oriented tree planting event at Richmond Public Library’s North Avenue Branch. The event is part of the Greening Richmond Public Libraries initiative.

Richmonders can sign up to participate in the tree planting event, which will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 14. Pro tip: Volunteers should bring their own gloves and a bottle of water.

Justin Doyle, Director of Community Conservation for JRA, explained that the purpose of the trees is to reduce urban heat and stormwater runoff. Doyle said planting and maintaining trees are some of the best ways to fight climate change on a local level.

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